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What Are The Differences Between A Construction Pump And A Standard Pump?

Posted by James Jordan on Jul 19, 2018 10:56:19 AM

What Are The Differences Between A Construction Pump And A Standard Pump

The number of water pumps we come across every day is impressive. There is a water pump in our car, our home, the nearby corner shop and the village rec. There are sump, sewage, utility, domestic, lawn, swimming pool, hand, and construction water pumps. Are all of them created equal?

Each pump type has its own advantages, disadvantages, features, and purposes. How can you tell a construction water pump from another one? Let’s take a look.

Moving Debris

The majority of water pump types deal with clean fluids. We are not talking about solely drinking water, of course, but the ones without debris. Several types of construction pumps (semi-trash and trash) can deal with the debris particles of different sizes.

These pumps are heavier, slower, and more expensive. However, they can be relied on when dealing with unknown fluids at an excavation site. Other pump types would clog and break down when dealing with such debris.

High Corrosion Resistance

Since construction water pumps are exploited in tough conditions, the housing is usually made out of high-quality corrosion resistant materials. Be it submersible pumps or equipment designed for working in shallow water, housing is the key to pump longevity.

Virtually all pump parts can be replaced. However, if the housing is damaged, you will most likely need to replace the entire unit. That’s why manufacturers pay special attention to the housing quality.

High Volume And High Pressure

The speed of pumping is extremely important for construction projects. That’s why construction pumps can generally move large amounts of fluid by using high pressure. A construction site manager always has a choice of many construction pumps with different output capacity.

At Key Services, we focus on selling high-quality construction pumps. Even though these units could be used for other purposes, we don’t recommend relying on other pumps to deal with excavation fluids.

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Pumping Method

Construction water pumps are usually centrifugal. This is an optimal pumping method for excavation sites. Sometimes, contractors choose diaphragm pumps to deal with heavy-duty projects.


Construction water pumps are highly durable and should be built to last. If you choose the right construction water pump for your project, you can forget about breakdowns and replacements for a long time.

With proper maintenance, construction pumps tend to last longer than other water pump types.

Before purchasing a pump for you construction project we recommend reading our free Buyers Guide to Water Pumps. At Key Services, we give important advice on which pump to choose for which construction project.

Just as you wouldn’t ask a psychiatrist for a root canal treatment, it’s not a good idea to use standard pumps for construction projects. If you have any doubts about which pump to use, give us a call.

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