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What Are The Benefits Of Using A 1-Inch Water Pump?

Posted by James Jordan on Jul 12, 2018 4:11:51 PM

What Are The Benefits Of Using A 1-Inch Water Pump

If you are searching for the best water pump for your construction project, you must have come across such parameters as one, two, three, and more inches. This parameter is the diameter of the pump’s suction and discharge ports. The bigger the port, the faster the water can be pumped out.

A one-inch water pump has the smallest suction and discharge port. However, it’s often the most popular choice for construction site managers. The benefits of purchasing such a pump are numerous. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Moderate Price Tag

When choosing between a two-inch water pump or a 1’’ model, the price difference is obvious. Purchasing a one-inch water pump can save you a substantial amount of money. If such a pump is suitable for your project, there is no reason to buy a more expensive model.

Sometimes, it’s more cost-efficient to purchase two one-inch pumps rather than one two or three-inch pump.

Sufficient Output

The most common suction port sizes are one, two, and three inches. All of them have a different output

  • 1 inch/25 mm: 8000 L per hour delivery volume
  • 2 inch/50 mm: 30,000 L per hour
  • 3 inch/80 mm: 60,000 L per hour

While 8,000 lph may seem small compared to other parameters, it can be more than enough to deal with many small excavation projects.

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One-inch water pumps are usually smaller than pumps with big suction port diameters. They are great for construction projects that require moving pumps around to different locations.

One-inch pumps are also lighter. For example, Loncin 1” water pumps weigh 13 kg. Meanwhile, Loncin two-inch water pumps weigh 23 kg. The three-inch water pump can weigh around 40 kg, which makes it hard to move around the construction site.

Other Things To Consider

The small size of the one-inch pump makes it less powerful than pumps with larger suction and discharge ports. For example, a three-inch pump can have a net power of about 5 to 6 hp. At the same time, the one-inch pump offers only about 1.5 hp. The maximum lift of these pumps is also less impressive than what bigger models offer.

Due to its simplicity and popularity, the repair and maintenance of one-inch water pumps is fast and easy.

A one-inch water pump can be an excellent choice for a variety of projects. However, it may turn out to be useless for some excavation sites. At Key Services, we are always ready to give you extensive advice on which suction and discharge port diameters are most suitable for your project.

For more information about one-inch water pumps, please give us a call or download our free e-book Buyers Guide to Water Pumps.

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