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Wacker Neuson Vs Vibtec Vibrating Pokers

Posted by James Jordan on Oct 27, 2017 2:35:34 PM

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Quality, value and reliability matter when it comes to sourcing concrete compaction equipment. In an industry where even the slightest delay can have costly knock on effects, you need products you can trust to get the job done efficiently, at the best price. You’ll also need to be confident your supplier can provide a continuous supply of spare parts and offer a maintenance and repair service, to reduce downtime and keep your equipment running at peak performance.

Which Brand Of Vibrating Poker Is The Best?

Wacker Neuson is one of the best known manufacturers of concrete compaction equipment, with a global supply chain from their headquarters in Germany. However, developments within the industry have seen the rise of alternative providers, like Vibtec; a UK based concrete vibration expect, and the UK’s largest stockist of electric and pneumatic concrete vibrators.

The quality, strength and finish of set concrete depends on selecting the right type of vibrating poker for the job in hand, yet it can be tricky to compare brands when faced with a series of technical specs. To help you decide exactly what you’ll be getting for your money we’ve put together a comparison for the leading vibration pokers from Wacker Neuson and Vibtec.

Comparing High Frequency Internal Vibrators

Both Wacker Neuson and Vibtec provide high frequency internal vibrators, with interchangeable vibrating components. The ability to change head sizes reduces costs; as the pokers are adaptable to a range of compaction tasks, concrete forms and concrete consistencies.

Wacker Neuson supply two types of high frequency internal vibrator:

  • The IRFU range, which combines an integrated frequency converter/inverter and vibrating component in one unit.
  • Or the HMS range of vibrating heads and flexible shafts, for use in conjunction with an electric motor.

Vibtec also offer a similar choice:

  • The M4P range, which offers an integrated unit, coupling a frequency inverter with the flexible shaft and vibrating head.
  • Or a choice of pneumatic internal vibrating poker head sizes for use with their flexible shafts and drive units.


Both the Wacker Neuson and Vibtec products have been designed for use across a range of concrete compaction tasks. The modular shafts and heads can be disconnected and changed easily. The units are watertight, lightweight, portable and immediately ready for action, following connection to the power source.


The optimum frequency required to achieve solid concrete compaction and a smooth finish is 12,000 vpm. Both the Wacker Neuson and Vibtec pokers provide 12,000 vpm for each head diameter.

Safety Features

Both brands include integrated electrical overload protection, via Wacker Neuson’s trademark Bodyguard system and with Vibtec using a Marquant switch box with a residual circuit breaker. The fully sealed systems are designed to detect risk of electrocution, sensing irregularities in power and shutting down the unit in under 3 milliseconds, to protect the user and safeguard the equipment. These features provide the highest level of safety for use in all conditions.

So far, both brands seem pretty equal on choice, ease of use, performance and safety - so let’s take a look at the specific features of each brand.

Features of Wacker Neuson Vibrating Pokers

  • The vibrating heads in Wacker Neuson’s range are available in five diameter sizes; 30, 38, 45, 57 & 65mm.
  • The heads are available with or without rubber caps.
  • Quick single screw coupling connection system.
  • Full sealed switch box includes a squirrel cage induction motor with electronic frequency converter.
  • Bodyguard protection system
  • Protection hoses are available in 5 or 10 meter lengths as standard, with bespoke lengths made to order by special request, up to a maximum of 10 meters.
  • Total weight including cable 12.9kg to 21.5kg accounting for range of head diameters.

Features of Vibtec Vibrating Pokers

  • Vibtec’s vibrating heads are available in four diameter sizes; 31, 39, 50 and 58 mm.
  • A choice of hardened steel or polyurethane noses are available for additional protection in high impact use. The nose can be replaced or changed without opening the poker head to prevent debris entering the poker.
  • Premium sealed poker head features high quality roller bearings, squirrel cage rotor with copper inserts for high efficiency and a temperature sensor to prevent overheating.
  • High quality Marquant switch with aluminium housing for maximum heat dissipation.
  • Vibtec offer a 5 meter steel reinforced hose with a 10 meter cable, with additional lengths available on special order, up to 10 meters.
  • Total weight including cable 12.6kg to 19.9kg accounting for range of head diameters.

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So Which Is Best?

Both brands offer a high quality product, with very similar specifications. However, when it comes to value the Vibtec range has a distinct advantage. Vibtec’s products can save you hundreds of pounds!

Vibtec Are An Established UK Manufacturer

In addition, Vibtec has been designing, manufacturing and supplying vibration equipment for over five decades, offering a guaranteed supply of stock. Their products are manufactured in the UK, providing a shorter supply chain and greater control – all made to British quality standards.

This can make all the difference when it comes to maintenance, preventing downtime and to keep your equipment operating at full capacity.

Wacker Neuson products by comparison, are manufactured in Germany and distributed globally, which can create delays in the supply chain. Their newest factory in China is anticipated to reach completion towards the end of 2017.

Key Services Are A Proud Supplier Of Vibtec Pokers

At Key Services, our partnership with Vibtec enables us to offer market leading quality, versatility and performance, at highly competitive prices. We also specialise in maintenance and repair, and hold high stock levels of all vibrating poker components, for immediate availability.

To find out just how much you could save by choosing Vibtec, check out our prices, or contact us on 02476 559770 to obtain a quotation.

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