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The 4 Most Commonly Replaced Parts On A Loncin Water Pump

Posted by James Jordan on Jul 4, 2018 9:07:31 AM

The 4 Most Commonly Replaced Parts On A Loncin Water Pump

Choosing a water pump is a tough task. Thinking ahead about parts replacement is even tougher. At Key Services, we always consider the repair and maintenance costs of a pump before recommending it to our customers.

Loncin is a popular water pump manufacturer among clients with a tight budget. Unlike Honda Koshin, Loncin offers a moderate price tag for many types of water pumps. Meanwhile, they are just as reliable and long lasting as expensive brands.

The spare parts for Loncin pumps are well priced as well. Let’s take a look at four most commonly replaced Loncin water pump parts.

1) Engine: Expensive And Easy To Prevent

Unfortunately, the engine is one of the most commonly replaced parts on a Loncin water pump. This is not due to the quality of the motor but to improper water pump operation.

Here are a few common reasons why the engine may be damaged:

  • Low oil levels – Keeping oil levels low leads to irreversible damage. It’s vital to check the oil levels before each use. Some Loncin engines are equipped with an oil alert system, which shuts down the pump when the levels are low. This can lead to unexpected operational delays.
  • Dirty air filter – Failing to replace an air filter can lead to a reduced output and eventual breakdown.
  • Wrong spark plugs – Installing wrong spark plugs can lead to an engine breakdown.
  • Improper storage – Storing the engine in wet and humid conditions without cleaning and maintenance may lead to corrosion.

Loncin models have high-quality engines which should last for many years. With proper maintenance, you shouldn’t have to worry about repair or replacement.

An engine is the most expensive part to replace in a pump. It may cost you between £100 and £300.

2) Spark Plugs: Quick And Simple

In order to keep the water pump in an excellent condition, it’s important to replace the spark plugs at least once a year or after about 300 hours of operation. Since this process is the part of the regular maintenance plan, spark plugs are among the most common parts to be replaced.

Spark plug replacement doesn’t take too much time. Some Loncin pump owners prefer to do it on their own. However, installing the wrong plugs or making a mistake during installation can lead to irreversible consequences. At Key Services, we offer professional spark plug replacement.

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3) Seals: Easy To Overlook

All Loncin water pumps have many seals that keep the water from damaging the engine and other components. Seals wear out over time and cause leaks. That’s why regular seal inspection and replacement is vital for proper Loncin pump operation.

Seals are moderately priced and can be purchased from any pump supplier. At Key Services, we offer high-quality seals for all Loncin pumps. We provide seal replacement services as well.

4) Air & Fuel Filters

Air and fuel filters execute a tough task of keeping the water pump functioning properly. A clogged fuel filter leads to engine malfunction and possible replacement. A dirty air filter reduces the engine output.

Replacing fuel and air filters is part of a regular Loncin engine maintenance schedule. At Key Services, we offer high-quality filters to keep your water pump functioning for a long time.

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Loncin water pumps are a wonderful choice for the majority of construction projects. At Key Services we sell, maintain and repair these pumps. For more information about Loncin water pumps, please download our free e-book: The Buyers Guide to Water Pumps.

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