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What Is The Relation Between Size & Suitability For Vibrating Pokers?

Posted by James Jordan on Jan 16, 2019 12:56:00 PM

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Vibrating pokers are important tools for ensuring concrete compaction. They provide internal vibration to bring trapped air bubbles to the surface, thus making sure the concrete dries smoothly.

Vibrating pokers don’t come in different sizes, but their heads do. Poker vibrator sizes determine how well the equipment is suitable for different types of jobs. The heads range in diameter from 20 mm to 90 mm. Your choice of size and shape will depend on the consistency of concrete that needs compacting.

Smaller poker heads are suitable for low volume pours and thin wall sections while larger heads are perfect for high volume pours and thick wall sections. When choosing the right vibrating poker head size for the job, you need to have all the information about the upcoming project available.

If you aren’t sure which head size you need, please get in touch and we will be pleased to help. Operating with the wrong poker head size can lead to improper concrete compaction as well as ruined forms. Since concrete vibration determines the integrity of the surface, it’s vital to get it right first time.

High Volume Pours

High volume pours, such as for footings and foundations, require large poker head sizes in order for the compaction to go smoothly. A minimum size for such a project is 75 mm. Vibrating pokers with 75 mm heads provide a vibration capacity starting at around 20 m³ per hour.

For high volume pours, you may also want to use a smaller vibrating poker head to supplement large vibrators.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering projects which require mass concrete pours, such as bridges, floor slabs, foundations, retaining walls and the like, require smaller vibrating head sizes. For these projects, you may want to choose a poker head between 45 mm and 75 mm. Such heads provide a vibrating capacity from 10 to 35 m³ per hour

Low Volume Pours

Low volume pours for floor slabs and beams don’t need large poker heads. A head dimension of about 35 mm should be sufficient. These can provide a vibration capacity of about 6 m³ per hour.

Low volume pours for thin walls, including beams, and columns, require even smaller poker heads, from 25 mm to 35 mm. The vibrating capacity of such heads is about 1.5 m³ per hour.

This table can help you get an idea of the relation between vibrating poker head sizes and the centrifugal force the poker creates. The numbers are approximate and depend on the equipment quality.

Vibrating Poker Head Size (mm) Centrifugal force (kg)
20 - 40 45-272
30-60 136 - 453
50 - 90 317-907


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At Key Services, we offer a range of pokers and accessories. Depending on the project parameters, we can help you choose the ideal head size. For more information about our products, please click here to download our free Guide To Vibrating Pokers.

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