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New Construction Projects: Kenilworth Is Becoming A Town To Talk About

Posted by James Jordan on Nov 6, 2018 4:41:54 PM


Tables are about to turn for Kenilworth, which was considered to be a small and quiet Warwickshire town for many years. In 2018, this common opinion is about to become a misconception.

Numerous construction projects are helping Kenilworth turn into the thriving location it once was in the late 19th century after the appearance of the railway station.

In the modern era, a train station isn’t as important to a town as it once was. However, the closing of the railway station in 1965 led to certain negative changes in Kenilworth, which has several interesting attractions for tourists and plenty to offer businesses.

In April 2018, the new and improved Kenilworth railway station began working once again. The opening of the station was delayed several times. However, finally, the station opened to the public with tracks running from Leamington Spa and Coventry.

New Developments In Kenilworth

The re-opening of the railway station coupled with new demand for commuter housing has led to a rapid revival of the local construction sector. The Kenilworth local authorities are currently considering several new plans to construct hundreds of new homes in the area.

At the same time, the demolition and relocation of the local secondary school is planned. The much-needed addition of the new housing, coupled with a first-class school, and a new railway station are expected to bring much-needed new people to the small community of 25,000 citizens.

Kenilworth residents are also hoping for some tourist influx, which has become a reality with the appearance of a convenient railway station. The beautiful ruins of Kenilworth castle and St. Mary’s Abbey could become an excellent tourist attraction and source of revenue for local businesses.

Kenilworth is ready to welcome new fashion retailers, Michelin-starred restaurants, and 5-star hotels to turn a small old town into a touristic location.

There are also plans to build new student property in the town in order to breathe some life into the old streets. Today, a big part of Coventry University’s student population settles in Leamington Spa, which is right “down the road”, the appearance of the railway station can bring the young people to Kenilworth.

In order to accommodate this demand, a variety of housing construction projects are being worked out. The influx of students will create a demand for coffee shops, retailers, pubs and restaurants, taking the construction even further.

Since the demand for new construction projects is high, Kenilworth is about to turn into a town to visit and live in. Beautiful parks, touristic sites, first-class schools, and a brand new railway station are taking the town to a new level. At Key Services we equip construction contractors with the tools they need to take advantage of new opportunities around the country. Visit our website to view our latest stock availability.

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