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Why Loncin Replacement Petrol Engines Might Soon Be The UK's Favourite

Posted by James Jordan on Dec 19, 2018 11:15:00 AM

Why Loncin Replacement Petrol Engines Might Soon Be The UK's Favourite

The number of petrol engine manufacturers selling their products in the UK is impressive. Construction industry contractors often feel lost when searching for the right product. The price difference can be substantial while the features differ only slightly from model to model.

Such household names as Honda, Subaru, and Kawasaki have been on the UK market for years. While their quality and efficiency is hard to underestimate, their price leaves much to be desired.

A few years ago, a new manufacturer made a decision to sell replacement petrol engines in the UK: Loncin has been a household name in China for decades. It provides high-quality petrol engines at a reasonable price.

Loncin has been producing over 3 million petrol engines per year for the Chinese and international market. Their availability here in the UK may mean the end of Japanese and American dominance. Let’s find out why.

1) Loncin Engines Are Cheaper

Many people feel reluctant buying cheaper Chinese products because they believe that cheaper means worse. In reality, Chinese products are inexpensive because China has easier access to the raw materials while the labour is much cheaper than in Europe, USA or Japan. It has nothing to do with the quality of the product.

Many reputable manufacturers are moving their plants to China in order to take advantage of low-cost labour. Meanwhile, some Chinese manufacturers lower the price in order to outrun international competitors.

2) Loncin Is A Trusted Brand

Loncin was founded back in 1983, so it is no newcomer to the market. It began manufacturing motorcycles in 1992. Since then, the company has been conquering markets all over the world. In 2005, Loncin signed a contract with BMW to manufacture motorcycle engines for some of its leading commercial bikes. Every year, the company produces 2.5 million motorcycles, 3 million engines, and 150,000 all-terrain vehicles for sale around the world.

Many companies trust Loncin to make engines for their construction equipment. More and more UK businesses are also getting on the bandwagon, helping Loncin on its way to becoming one of the key engine manufacturers in the country.

3) Loncin Has Excellent Customer Service

The times when companies were afraid to take advantage of Chinese products because customer service specialists were too far away are long gone. Loncin has customer service representatives all over the world, including the UK through its network of Loncin approved resellers (such as Key Services).

4) Loncin Uses High-Quality Components

When producing its engines, Loncin uses top-notch materials and components, which comply with European safety standards. Its products have a high efficiency and a long service life. The comparison of Loncin and Honda or Kawasaki petrol engines is unlikely to show any differences in quality.

5) Loncin Is Easily Accessible

Today, Loncin has many accredited distribution partners in the UK, making it easy for construction companies to purchase replacement petrol engines UK whenever necessary. Such impressive availability makes it convenient for many businesses to buy these products, thus bringing Loncin closer to becoming one of the market leaders.

At Key Services, we provide a wide selection of Loncin petrol engines for your needs. For more information about our products and Loncin, please download our free Guide To Replacement Petrol Engines.

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