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How To Save Time And Money On Pneumatic Pokers

Posted by James Jordan on Mar 22, 2018 12:09:58 PM

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Internal vibration pokers for compacting concrete come in a wide range of types and power sources. They all share the same principle: a rotating arm with an eccentric weight inside a shaft (poker) causes the head of the poker to generate vibrations. These vibrations travel through the adjacent concrete and cause its constituent particles to move. That movement then releases air bubbles and excess water that travels to the surface. This process of removing voids is critical to ensuring quality concrete. Failure to do so means that the concrete will not adhere to reinforcing structures, may be honeycombed with voids, and have reduced compressive strength - all of which diminishes its integrity. Over time, permeability may also because a problem such that water may ingress and damage steel reinforcement structures.

Where Pneumatic Pokers Score Against Their Rivals

Power units - Operators who already have a compressor on site immediately save on investing in new power sources, such as the petrol, diesel or electric motors that power non-pneumatic pokers. That also makes hire costs cheaper if hiring is the preferred option.

Rugged Reliability – pneumatic systems are constructed to be tough, robust, very hard wearing and designed for use in very extreme conditions.

Very high frequency – Good concrete compaction requires a good quality, high frequency internal poker that generates considerable centrifugal force. Powerful pneumatic systems deliver on all counts and deliver high productivity and performance.

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Saving Time And Money With Pneumatic Pokers

Quality - Pneumatic pokers are no different from any other high performance tool – quality is the single key ingredient that ensures optimum operation and a long and trouble free life. It would be inaccurate to assume that good quality is expensive to procure. That is not at all the case. No doubt, you do get what you pay for, but the pricing of many brands includes a disproportionate amount to cover the brand’s marketing, advertising and promotions costs. That means that you are not paying a premium for any additional quality. You are paying for the cost of promoting that brand, and that is a totally different matter than paying a premium for an especially premium quality tool.

Also, the law of diminishing returns kicks in as you move up the price point scale. It can be difficult to convert the premium you pay into a monetary gain for your business. We believe that we have struck a very happy medium with our product range. Its quality matches the very best in the market but its pricing is far more sensible.

Maintenance – This is pure common sense, but it’s amazing how many times basic cyclical maintenance requirements are overlooked. Busy schedules and more important priorities drive this activity off the radar until the day the equipment breaks down on site. Nobody wants downtime for very obvious reasons, so it actually adds to the bottom line to make regular maintenance of all equipment the specific responsibility of one person. Not the execution of the maintenance, but ensuring that it gets priority when the time comes so that it gets carried out by a competent service.

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Download our free Buyer’s Guide To Vibrating Pokers and find out more about what quality aspects to look for in a vibrating poker, what the operational considerations are, and what configurations best suit different concrete consistencies and pour types.

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