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How To Keep Your Petrol Engine Reliable

Posted by James Jordan on Feb 21, 2019 10:08:00 AM
How to keep your petrol engine reliable - new

Reliability is one of the top requirements for any petrol engine. No matter how powerful and cost–efficient the engine is, mechanical failure negates all the benefits. For construction businesses, it’s important to make the right investment in order to avoid untimely breakdowns, delays, and downtime.

The reliability of the engine you buy is solely in your hands. We’ll share a few simple steps to extend the longevity of your petrol engine without extensive effort and expense.

Choose The Right Engine

Choosing the right engine for your equipment is the first step toward getting the highest efficiency. Even the most reliable petrol engines fail early when used for the wrong purpose. Depending on the volume of your work and the size of the equipment, you need to select the right type of engine for the project.

Find The Right Supplier

In the UK, you can find numerous petrol engine distributors. However, not all of them offer a full set of services for your engine. The best supplier should have a wide selection of different engines from the most respectable manufacturers.

The company should offer advice on selecting the right engine for your needs and provide maintenance services if required.

Select The Best Brand

Choosing a reliable brand can help you avoid numerous problems in the future. The current market leaders are Honda, Generac, Subaru, Kawasaki, and Briggs & Stratton.

However, a Chinese brand, Loncin, is also gaining popularity on the UK market due to its products’ high quality and reasonable price.

Perform A Professional Installation

Even the most reliable petrol engine won’t work properly unless you install it correctly. Small mistakes made during installation can result in lost efficiency. If in doubt, seek professional support when installing a replacement petrol engine.

Set Up A Maintenance Schedule

Regardless of how often you use the engine, it requires regular maintenance. As soon as you start using an engine, you should set up a maintenance schedule and follow it closely.

Even if the engine seems to be working flawlessly, it needs daily spot checks, such as checking oil levels, wiping finger guards, cleaning the muffler, and more.

Another set of maintenance and service tasks needs to be performed on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Otherwise, the engine’s efficiency will start decreasing slowly, leading to an eventual breakdown.

While operators can perform daily and weekly maintenance tasks, it’s better to leave your yearly service to the professionals.

Train Your Operators

The longevity and reliability of a petrol engine depend heavily on how the equipment is used. The right approach to operation coupled with timely visual inspections can make the engine last longer.

An equipment operator should receive special safety training before using a machine with a petrol engine.

Find Out More

At Key Services we offer a wide selection of reliable petrol engines for your construction equipment. For more information about our products, please download the free Guide To Replacement Petrol Engines.

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