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How To Ensure Reliable Delivery When Buying Concrete Pokers

Posted by James Jordan on Oct 17, 2017 12:48:34 PM

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Managing on site resources is one of the most important tasks for any construction site planner. Timing is everything, from sourcing manpower to completing on deadline - it all depends on timely delivery of materials and plant equipment. If something goes wrong in the delivery schedule it can affect the whole project.

Delivery On Demand

For concrete vibration, it is crucial that concrete pokers are used immediately after the concrete has been poured. If the concrete is allowed to set without vibration, the quality and finish of the concrete could be compromised. Therefore, it is vital that all the proper tools for the job are available before the pour takes place.

Creating a weekly delivery schedule can help to ensure plant and equipment delivery coincides with material delivery. This creates a smooth operational plan that helps to prevent under and overstocking, while reducing the risk of accidental damage and theft.

Sourcing Concrete Pokers

When purchasing concrete pokers for a project it is important to calculate:

  • Access to power onsite, as this will determine the type of concrete poker required.
  • The size of poker head required for the slump consistency, and form size.
  • The amount of time it will take to vibrate all the concrete.
  • The number of pokers needed to ensure proper consolidation before the concrete sets.

Finding The Right Supplier

Other important factors to consider when choosing a supplier include:

  • Quality – High quality concrete pokers will perform more efficiently, cost less to maintain in the long term and will be more comfortable to operate for longer periods of time.
  • Ongoing maintenance - Concrete pokers operate at high frequencies and amplitudes, in tough conditions. Regular maintenance, especially of vibrating poker heads, is vital for keeping your pokers working effectively for longer. Ensure the supplier you choose can provide essential back up when you need it, and offer a preventative maintenance service.
  • Stock availability – Seek a supplier who can guarantee stock availability. A supplier who maintains high stock holdings across all poker components, including older models, will ensure parts are always available, should replacements be needed.
  • Reliable, fast delivery – Seek a supplier who can offer next day delivery - or even better a company who will deliver and collect on demand. This can mean the difference between a project going ahead on schedule and long delays; especially during the winter when cold weather conditions can affect the window of opportunity for concrete to set.

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Choice, Availability & Fast Delivery From Key Services

At Key Services, we purchase the highest quality concrete pokers from a wide range of suppliers; which means we can always source a product to match your needs.

We hold high levels of stock across a range of products, to ensure fast, reliable service and delivery for any concrete compaction job. We also collect from and deliver to any location within the UK and offer a comprehensive maintenance and repair service.

Concrete Pokers From Vibtec

At Key Services we highly recommend concrete pokers from Vibtec, for superior quality and fast delivery.

Vibtec are the leading UK manufacturer and stockist of concrete vibration equipment for the construction industry. Because their products are manufactured in Britain, to British quality standards, there are no manufacturing or shipping delays. This provides us with full control of the supply chain and also helps to reduce costs - which we pass on to our customers.

The Buyers Guide To Vibrating Pokers

If you’ve been tasked with buying concrete vibration equipment our FREE guide is packed with advice to help you choose the right vibration equipment for every concrete compaction task. Click here to get your copy today.

Or call us on 02467 559770 for further information and pricing.

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