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How To Choose The Right Water Pump

Posted by James Jordan on Apr 18, 2018 3:46:46 PM

How To Choose The Right Water Pump - NEW

A perfect employee works 24/7 without holidays (!). A construction water pump is your ideal staff member. It keeps working even when others need a lunch break. It’s always ready to start draining and doesn’t mind getting dirty and wet.

If you want your water pump to do all of the above and more, you need to choose the right one. Water pumps for construction drainage vary. Before making a choice, you need to go through a few simple steps.

Make Three Calculations

  • Capacity – How much liquid needs to be removed and the rate at which it should be done (litre/hour).

  • Suction lift – The distance the pump needs to reach to get the fluid out of the hole.

  • Discharge head – the height of discharge hose.

Once you calculate the above three values, you’ll have a good idea of which pump you need to purchase or rent.

To Submerse Or Not To Submerse

Next, you need to figure out the amount of water you need to deal with. If the excavation site is flooded, you need a submersible pump. It’s usually powered by electricity. In case the water is shallow, you can use a standard fuel pump.

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Ask The Following Questions

If you are still at a loss at which pump to purchase, you need to answer the following questions. They can help you make the right choice.

  • What will the pump need to do? (this involves a brief description of the work site)

  • Which liquids will the pump be working with? (Will these liquids contain debris?)

  • How far will the pump need to carry the liquid?

  • How fast should the liquid be moved?

If you still have some questions about the pump type you need, ask for assistance. At Key Services, we are always ready to give a free water pump consultation to our potential customers.

What About The Debris?

Depending on the type of the job site you’ll be dealing with, you may face liquids contaminated with debris, such as broken glass, leaves, stones, and other rubbish. If you choose a standard water pump, such debris will clog the suction port.

In order to avoid a malfunction, you can take advantage of the semi-trash or trash pumps. These pumps have a powerful motor and come with special debris filters. They are larger and heavier than other pump types and may work slower.

Other Things To Consider

When choosing a water pump, you need to keep the job site in mind. Water pumps may be very noisy, so you have to find out if the noise is an issue. Next, you have to figure out where the liquid will be discharged and where to install the pump. Thinking about these issues can help you figure out the size and the power of the pump. Some construction sites require more than one pump type.

Find Out More

For more details about choosing the right water pump for construction drainage, please download our free e-book Buyers Guide to Water Pumps today.

The Buyer’s Guide To Water Pumps

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