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How To Avoid Disappointment With High Frequency Pokers

Posted by James Jordan on Oct 10, 2017 10:07:43 AM

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Effective concrete vibration is essential to achieving a smooth and solid concrete finish. For consistent, reliable results you need equipment you can depend on to get the job done on schedule. Choosing the right equipment is critical to gaining the best results and the longest return on your investment, and to help keep costs down.

High Frequency Pokers

High frequency internal vibrating pokers are the ideal choice for increasing efficiency across a range of concrete compaction tasks. The poker consists of an interchangeable head that vibrates at high frequency, attached to a flexible shaft. This type of poker can be transported around site and plugged directly into a power source for immediate use. The vibrating head is plunged into the wet concrete and slowly withdrawn – causing trapped air bubbles to rise to the surface, for evenly consolidated concrete.

How To Choose The Right High Frequency Poker

Invest in the best quality you can afford to avoid disappointing results. Poor quality equipment, or equipment which has not been properly maintained, could break down on the job, resulting in expensive and frustrating delays.

Even worse is poorly consolidated, weak concrete caused by inefficient equipment. When you put your name to a job, quality is everything.

The poker you choose needs to be capable of withstanding regular use, for long periods of time in tough conditions. Only invest in equipment designed for industrial use.

Selecting a poker with the following features will help you achieve dependable results:

  • A fully sealed unit with a built in frequency converter / inverter Simply plug in and get to work, for operation within a broad range of supply voltages, sealed against water entry.
  • A portable design – For ease of transportation around the site, with no lengthy set up time.
  • An integrated protection system – For protection against electrical overload, electrical underload and overheating, along the entire length of the unit.
  • Lightweight design – As vibration will transfer to the hands of the user, a lightweight design with hand grips will minimise discomfort - helping to increase productivity and prevent injury.
  • High strength corrosion resistant poker heads – The best quality poker heads are also fitted with temperature sensors. Keep a range of poker head diameters onsite, and only ever use the right size for the job. The diameter required will dependent on the slump type and form size. Don’t be tempted to use a larger vibration head than necessary, as over vibration and under vibration will yield disappointing results.
  • A detachable nose – Change noses without debris entering the poker. Steel or rubber noses can increase the longevity of your pokers, as this is the component that impacts the concrete at high amplitude and frequency.
  • A steel reinforced hose – To prevent damage to the shaft.

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Maintaining Your Equipment

Regular maintenance is vital for keeping your poker operating at peak performance. Maintenance should be carried out at least every six months, or for every 500 hours of operation.

Always seek a supplier who can support your high frequency poker with ongoing preventative maintenance. Never use your high frequency poker if you suspect a fault, or try to fix a breakage as the safety of your team is paramount. A maintenance service will offer professional support to get you up and running quickly.

A guaranteed, fast supply of all parts is equally as important. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for parts to arrive when there’s a job to be done.

High Frequency Vibrating Pokers From Key Services

At Key Services, we supply a choice of premium quality high frequency pokers and vibrating heads from Vibtec; the leading UK manufacturer of concrete vibration equipment.

British made for dependable quality, fast stock availability and speedy delivery, our range of pokers provides high power stability and high centrifugal force; for a wider radius of vibration in the concrete, not in the users hands.

With over 40 years’ experience supplying and maintaining equipment to the construction industry, we offer unrivalled quality at unrivalled prices.

Our Full Support

Our maintenance service keeps your equipment running for longer, so you can keep your costs down. Should something go wrong our highly trained engineers are fully equipped to fix the problem, holding high stock levels of all vital components.

Why not give us a call on 02467 559770 or click here to take a look at our range of vibrating pokers.

Concrete Consolidation Help & Advice

Our FREE e-book explains everything you need to know about concrete vibration; including how to choose the right type and size of vibrating poker for every job. We also offer advice on best practice techniques and how to keep your poker in perfect condition. Click here to claim your copy of The Buyer’s Guide To Vibrating Pokers.

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