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How Much Does A Water Pump Typically Cost?

Posted by James Jordan on May 11, 2018 4:26:50 PM

How Much Does A Water Pump Typically Cost

When you are planning a construction project that involves digging foundations, a dewatering pump is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. Every contractor hopes to save money on the pump since it’s not a cheap instrument. However, in most cases, buying a pump too cheaply can lead to unexpected expenses.

A construction pump is a business investment. By purchasing a high-quality model, you are giving yourself a peace of mind for many years to come. A low-budget pump is at constant risk of breakdown.

The cost of the pump depends on many factors:

Submersible Or Non-Submersible?

Depending on the water depth you are about to face, you need different pump types. A submersible pump (the one that can work under water) is usually powered by electricity and costs more than a fuel pump (which can work in shallow water).

Capacity & The Lift Factor

The lift factor is important when you are calculating how far the pump should project the water in order to send it beyond the excavation site. High lift pumps are more powerful and can be used for a bigger variety of projects. As a result, the higher the lift, the more expensive the pump may be. Pumping capacity also falls under this heading. The faster the pump is expected to work and the higher the volume it is expected to shift, the larger and more powerful it will have to be. This equates to a pricier machine.

Debris or No-Debris?

Standard centrifugal pumps, which deal with clear or almost clear water, won’t break your bank. However, if your construction site is filled with debris, you need to call in the cavalry. Semi-trash and trash pumps are designed to deal with littered water. These units are larger, heavier, slower, and more expensive than standard models.

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Choosing the right manufacturer is probably the toughest task. In a majority of cases, a “no-name” pump manufacturer offers a good price. However, you can’t always count on these pumps to do their job for years. ‘Branded’ Japanese, American, and European manufacturers offer more expensive yet durable models.

How Much Does A Pump Typically Cost?

If you consider all the above factors, a construction pump can cost anywhere from £150 to £3,000. The average cost for a high-quality pump from a respectable manufacturer is about £300 - £400.

At Key Services, we offer a variety of pumps from different reputable manufacturers to suit all budgets. We’d be glad to tell you about your options. It’s important to consider all the excavation site parameters in order to choose the right dewatering pump.

Other Costs To Consider

The initial purchase price is not the only thing you should consider. Operation and maintenance costs of a pump can also be substantial.

  • Operation costs of the pump during its working life cycle are roughly ten times the initial price of the pump itself.
  • Maintenance and repair costs depend on the design of the pump, controls, installation, and servicing efficiency, as well as how intensely it is used. Full training and efficient use practices will decrease the risk of a technical fault and lower your lifetime maintenance bill.

Find Out More

Choosing the right pump from the start can minimise additional expenses throughout its life cycle. If you would like to find out more about water pump pricing and other factors, feel welcome to download our free e-book Buyers Guide to Water Pumps.

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