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How Long Until My Petrol Engine Needs Replacing?

Posted by James Jordan on Oct 25, 2018 4:15:26 PM


Petrol engines aren’t eternal. No matter how well you arrange maintenance and servicing, the engine will eventually give out. The petrol engine’s lifespan depends on the manufacturer, the frequency of use, the right approach to maintenance, and the work environment.

With time, you need to pay close attention to your engine to understand whether it needs replacement in the near future. Replacement petrol engines come in a wide variety, allowing you to purchase one in advance in order to avoid downtime. How can you tell your petrol engine is about to go out of order?

Power Loss

Petrol engines work using a four-stroke combustion cycle, which helps turn oil into the power needed to make the equipment function. The four strokes are:

  • Suction stroke – air-petrol mixture is sucked into the engine cylinder.
  • Compression stroke – air and petrol mixture is compressed in a closed space.
  • Combustion stroke – air-petrol mixture is rapidly burned in a controlled explosion.
  • Exhaust stroke – the exhaust gases are pushed outside through the exhaust valve.

The loss of power can be caused by a problem occurring during one or more of these four steps. If such is the case, your engine will need emergency repairs or replacement.

Oil Leaks

If the engine is leaking oil while operating or when shut off, there may be a serious problem with it. Numerous reasons exist for oil leaking. One of them is damaged seals. Another one is the disruption of the combustion process.

In some cases, oil leaks can be repaired. However, if the problem occurs on a regular basis, the engine probably needs replacement.

Damaged Equipment

Sometimes the conditions the engine operates in can lead to physical damage of the equipment. Cracked frame, holes, and dents may not interfere with the working of the petrol engine work immediately. However, its lifecycle could be reduced substantially.

Other signs you may need to replace your engine are heavy exhaust smoke, knocking sounds, steam, and excessive fuel consumption. These are common symptoms of severe physical damage.

How Long Can You Go Without Replacing a Petrol Engine?

When you buy a brand new piece of equipment, you can expect it to last several years. With proper maintenance, a high-quality engine can last up to 5,000 or even 10,000 hours of work.

It’s hard to say how long your particular engine will last since each equipment operator has a different approach. A small mistake during operation can lead to unfortunate consequences for the engine.

Setting up a maintenance schedule is vital to keep engines working as long as possible. No matter how good the model you purchase is, it’s bound to fail without regular check-ups and small repairs.

Kawasaki, Honda, Subaru, and Generac engines can easily run for up to 7,000 - 10,000 hours. Loncin engines can last up to 10,000 hours as well. However, they come with a less intimidating price tag.

At Key Services, we offer our clients a wide selection of long-lasting Loncin replacement petrol engines for different equipment. For more information, please download our free Guide To Replacement Petrol Engines.

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