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How Does Your Loncin Replacement Petrol Engine Provide Value For Money?

Posted by James Jordan on Nov 1, 2018 4:18:00 PM

How Does Your Loncin Replacement Petrol Engine Provide Value For Money

At some point in their work life, all petrol engines go out of order. Instead of investing formidable amounts in new equipment, many construction companies consider purchasing replacement petrol engines.

Depending on the manufacturer, a replacement petrol engine can last a long time, eliminating the need for new machines while never becoming a cause for downtime. One of the most affordable replacement engine manufacturers on the market today is Loncin.

In what ways do Loncin engines provide added value for users?


The key to any replacement petrol engine’s work is reliability. Even though Loncin is not as famous a brand as Honda, Subaru or Kawasaki, it manufacturers highly reliable products used in thousands of applications around the world.

Loncin engines are based on Honda engines, which make them efficient, long-lasting, and powerful. Loncin knows how modern petrol engines work and what to do to make them more reliable.

Cost Savings

While Loncin engines are as reliable as their American and Japanese counterparts, they cost much less. Investing in a famous brand may seem like a good first choice. However, it’s important to be objective when it comes to finding the best solution for your company. With Loncin, you are getting a high-quality replacement petrol engine at a fraction of a cost you would incur with Honda and other competitors. The ROI of a Loncin engine is remarkable.

Great Manufacturer Support

Even the best spare part may become a liability with a lack of customer support. Many companies fairly note that Chinese products don’t have sufficient UK-based support. However, Loncin has official distributors in the UK, such as key Services, who are able to offer excellent customer service 24/7.

As an official Loncin UK distributor, we at Key Services provide in-depth support to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the replacement petrol engine you purchase.

Loncin Engines Through Key Services

At Key Services, we offer our clients a wide selection of Loncin replacement petrol engines. We believe that Loncin is on its way to becoming one of the market leaders and are proud to be an official UK-based distributor.

For more information about replacement petrol engines, please download our free Guide To Replacement Petrol Engines by clicking here.

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