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What Power Supply Do You Need For Your Electric Concrete Vibrating Poker?

Posted by James Jordan on Jan 23, 2019 12:50:00 PM


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Vibrating pokers ensure the correct level of concrete compaction on construction sites. They can deal with any project, from foundations and bridges to floor slabs and beams. These machines come in different sizes and may require a different power supply.

When purchasing an electric concrete vibrating poker for your construction project, it’s important to check which power supply it requires in order not to face a surprise at the work site. Many machines operate with various power supplies so you don’t need to worry about which socket to plug it into. Others may have a certain power requirement.

Depending on the output and the motor of the vibrating poker, you may need a power supply ranging from 115V to 380V. However, the power of the poker isn’t always positively associated with the voltage and frequency it requires.

If you aren’t sure what type of power supply you’ll have an access to, it’s better to opt for “plug and poke” machine. In the majority of cases, you won’t have trouble looking for specific power sources.

Besides the voltage, it’s also important to check the frequency requirement. The information is usually presented in the ratio format “230/50”. This means that you need a 230V power supply with a 50 Hz frequency ratio. Each poker has the power requirement clearly stated in the description.

Can I Use A Power Supply Different From The Specs?

Using a 60 Hz poker with a 50 Hz power supply, even if the voltage is the same as mentioned in the specifications, can make the poker overheat. The reason is the increase in voltage to frequency ratio. The rise in the drawn current will heat the device.

Many electric pokers come with frequency converters so you can plug it into any outlet and get to work without extra hassle.

If you try using a power source with a higher voltage than stated in the description of the poker, the current will increase. If the motor is not designed to deal with such fluctuations, the poker may heat up drastically and get damaged.

A high-quality vibrating poker should have an integrated protection system to prevent electrical overload.

Can I Use An External Power Supply?

Access to a mains outlet at a construction sites is often impossible. That’s why many contractors use external power sources such as generators. The approach to choosing the power supply for generator-fed vibrating poker is the same. Some generators can supply several electric concrete vibrating pokers simultaneously. Please check your generator’s power output (given in watts) and compare this to the power needs of the tools you intend to run from it.

What If I Don’t Know The Specifications Of The Power Supply At The Site?

Most pokers work with a standard UK power supply of 230/50. If you aren’t sure which power supply you’ll have access to, invest in a poker that can work with either standard power options or a generator that suits your needs.

At Key Services, we offer a wide selection of electric vibrating pokers as well as power generators and accessories. For more information about vibrating pokers and our services, please download our free Guide To Vibrating Pokers.

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