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5 Top Considerations When Choosing Between A Diesel & Petrol Engine

Posted by James Jordan on Feb 13, 2019 10:05:00 AM
5 Top Considerations When Choosing Between A Diesel & Petrol Engine

 Tea or coffee? Cat or dog? Petrol or diesel? Sometimes it’s hard to make a choice. Personal preferences aside, choosing an engine for your construction project equipment can be complicated.

The diesel vs. petrol engine argument has been going strong for many years with new evidence against or in favour of either one of them springing up like mushrooms after the rain. So which one should you choose? We’ll go over five top considerations to help you decide.

Diesel Vs Petrol Engines: Financial Considerations

The first thing most companies worry about is the cost. In the majority of cases, the initial cost of the diesel engine is higher than of a petrol engine. However, many sources say that the running costs of a diesel engine are lower.

Diesel fuel is thicker than petrol, thus packing more energy per litre. Even though diesel may cost more than petrol, it provides a more substantial output. In the long run, the costs of operating both engines are about the same. However, the maintenance for diesel engines is cheaper.

Diesel Vs Petrol Engines: Environmental Considerations

These days, as Europe is trying hard to save the environment and reduce its carbon footprint, the environmental factor of an engine is becoming more and more important.

Diesel engines use less fuel and more air than petrol engines. For a long while they were considered a more environmentally friendly option than petrol engines. However, a 2017 study by Transport & Environment has shown that diesel is worse for the environment in some ways than petrol.

When it comes to construction equipment rather than road vehicles, the volume of emissions is much lower, but it still exists.

Diesel Vs Petrol Engines: Power Output

If you take two engines of the same size, a petrol one will produce more power than diesel. The reason is that petrol engines burn more fuel and have smaller stroke length. When it comes to construction equipment, overwhelming power isn’t needed as much as for large vehicles. That’s why petrol engines are usually the best option.

In case you need to power larger and heavier vehicle, a diesel engine is a better choice due to its long stroke and excellent pulling power.

Diesel Vs Petrol Engines: Longevity

Due to compression ignition, diesel engines have a tough build. They are usually highly reliable and require less maintenance than petrol engines. Overall, a diesel engine is simpler than a petrol one due to the lack of spark plugs and the electrical system that comes with them.

Diesel engines usually last longer than petrol engines, requiring less frequent maintenance and replacement.

Diesel Vs Petrol Engines: Availability

When it comes to construction purposes, petrol engines are more available than their diesel counterparts. Due to being an optimal choice for the majority of smaller machines, you can find a wide selection of such replacement engines on the market.

A Wide Choice

At Key Services, we offer a big choice of replacement petrol engines for your construction kit. For more information about our products, please download our free Guide To Replacement Petrol Engines.

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