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5 Telltale Signs You Need A Water Pump Repair

Posted by James Jordan on Apr 11, 2018 2:49:37 PM

5 Telltale Signs You Need A Water Pump Repair

High-quality water pumps can work for many years as long as you give them proper maintenance. Unfortunately, prevention measures don’t always work for construction drainage water pumps. They may face unexpected obstacles, such as excessive debris. The other common cause for breakdowns is long working hours in water.

If you manage to catch the problem before it leads to a major damage, you can save yourself plenty of time, nerves, and money. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional pump operator. Only an expert can notice the signs before it’s too late.

1. Strange Noise

Listening to the way a pump works is vital. A strange noise is a sign something is wrong. Thudding, grinding, gurgling, whining or rattling should make you turn the pump off immediately. Such noises usually signify a motor problem. Luckily, motors can be replaced so you won’t always have to purchase a new pump.

Important: Allowing the motor to keep working when you hear an irregular noise can damage the pump.

2. Reduced Output

It may be hard to notice at the initial stages, but a reduced output will eventually become visible. The reason can hide inside the motor. However, most likely, your pump is clogged with debris. Clogging can also cause a strange noise. If you suspect that the suction port is clogged, turn the pump off immediately.

Important: If the liquid at the construction site is contaminated with debris, opt for trash or semi-trash pump to avoid clogging problems. At Key Services, we can help you choose a high quality pump for your needs.

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3. Leaks

Leaks are hard to notice when the pump is submerged. In the shallow water, they are a little easier to spot. All pumps have many seals that keep the water from leaking out. These seals wear out over time. Inspecting the seals on a regular basis can prevent leaks. If you suspect a leak, turn the pump off and call a repair company.

Important: Seals are easy to replace. They are moderately priced too. It’s much cheaper to check and replace the seals than to repair a pump.

4. Overheating

Paying close attention to the pump can help you notice the overheating problem. The reasons for overheating are numerous. The main one is an improper motor function. An overheating pump may be a hazard to the construction site workers. So at the first signs of the temperature change, the pump must be turned off and removed from the job site.

Important: Regular maintenance can prevent the engine from overheating. Our leading pump experts recommend scheduling biannual maintenance sessions.

5. Excessive Vibration

When you notice excessive vibration, it’s a sure sign your pump needs repair. The causes of excessive vibration in a pump are numerous. The problem may be either hydraulic or mechanical. Only an expert can tell.

Important: Always watch the pump closely. Catching excessive vibration in its early stages can save you from pump replacement.

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