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4 Key Features To Look Out For In A 110v Concrete Poker

Posted by James Jordan on Mar 13, 2018 11:20:20 AM

4 Key Features To Look Out For In A 110v Concrete Poker.jpgCongratulations if you have decided to invest in an electric poker rather than a mechanical option. Good concrete compaction requires a high quality and high frequency internal vibrating poker and that is what an electric poker should deliver. While we do hope that you check out the excellent quality and attractive pricing of our mid-range product line, we are happy to pass on the accumulated wisdom of our 35 years in this business and hope that you benefit from it when buying.

Benefits Of An Electric Concrete Vibrating Poker

Productivity - Compared with mechanical models powered by petrol or diesel engines, good quality electric pokers pay for themselves through increased efficiency and performance, meaning faster jobs and less labour cost. Their high frequency, greater centrifugal force and stable movement mean each immersion compacts more concrete so you get the job done faster.

Quick start - Electric pokers deliver high performance with no fumes and low noise. The poker units also house inbuilt frequency convertors, so you can simply plug in to available power outlets and get to work, with no time wasted in set-up, refuelling or any of the hassle associated with petrol and diesel.

Reach - Extending a power cable is also cheaper and easier than extending the flexible shafts required by mechanical models, and they are light, hand-held and portable enough to be taken into any part of the site.

Overall – electric pokers work faster, are easier and more comfortable to work with, and make for a more professional operation.

  • High efficiency and stability
  • Low consumption - no refuelling downtime or fuel costs
  • High performance, fast compaction action
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fume free and low noise

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Features To Look For When Buying A 100V Electric Poker

Let’s take our 160 Vibtec AX Electric Internal Poker as an example that demonstrates all of the important features that a high quality electric poker should provide.

1. Safety

This feature is Number One for obvious reasons. A construction site is a wet and risk-filled environment. Even with the relative safety of 110V power, it is vital that the design of the poker incorporates robust safety features. Primary amongst these are electrical considerations. Look for:

  • An integrated protection system to prevent electrical overload across the entire length of the unit from the moment the power is connected.
  • Double insulated to ensure total protection
  • Residual current circuit breaker for phase failure and overload protection
  • IP44 Electro Magnetic compliant (Ingress Protection rating against small bodies and water)

2. Power

  • Electric pokers feature fast start with no delay between hitting in switch and the poker being instantly operational
  • Look for a high power rating that indicates a motor that will withstand long operating times

3. Strength

  • A fully integrated and combined unit consisting of the drive unit, shaft and poker body that is durable and resistant to water and dust.
  • A steel reinforced hose to protect against breakage and prevent damage to the shaft
  • Robust construction that will provide a long and maintenance-free life in the extreme conditions of construction sites.

4. Versatility

  • A quick-release screw assembly is important because it enables you to quickly and easily change poker heads as required by the job in hand. That is a detachable nose at the end of the head that can be changed without matter entering the poker
  • Look for the maximum number of different diameter heads you can get. For example, the model in question offers a choice of five head sizes 25mm, 32, 40, 48 and 57.
  • Also a number of drive lengths to suit different jobs. This model offers five options: 1,2,3,4 and 5 metre lengths.

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